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Mar 31, 2021

Wanted: Lawn care worker and/or crew leader and/or mechanic

We are currently seeking a lawn care worker and/or crew leader/landscaper

The position(s) are part time/full time meaning the more experience you have the more hours you would get during the busy season most likely approximately 35 - 40 or a little more, for less experienced the hours may be less. During the cold/slow season some employees may want to take time off, others may work some, and in some cases there may not be work at all. We try to keep busy year round but hours tend to be less during the slow season like Dec, Jan, Feb.

Duties may Include:
Mowing, mulching, hedge trimming, tree trimming, gutter cleaning, brush cleanup,
driving company truck with 16ft. trailer, planting grass, fertilizing, using various machinery, maintenance of equipment, incorporating safety in all aspects of your work.

Expected Responsibilities:
Must have drivers license, own transportation to and from work, have your own smart phone, be able to communicate punctually with management, be honest and have a good attitude with other workers and management. We want to keep a kind and positive atmosphere with other employees and our customers. We are a 5 star company and want to keep our work over the top that pleases the customer. Also we want to do our work as to the Lord and not to men only!

Your experience will determine your job duties and will have a bearing on your wages received. The more skills you have the better. However we are willing to train some tasks in some cases.

Some employees with more experience may have special assignments that involves mechanical repairs, doing estimates with customers, carpentry, roofing, welding, fabricating, maybe other technical and/or handyman stuff.

Our employees enjoy weekly pay automatically deposited into their bank account. Increases of pay are dependent on performance. 10.00 per/hr is for no experience, 11 per/hr is with little/some experience, and 12 per/hr or more is with good experience with 1.00 increase after 6 weeks of employment and has good performance.

If interested, feel you meet the Expected Responsibilities, and can do some or all of the Job Duties, please contact Brian at Yard Solutions. 434-509-3946.

Call us Today!

Call us Today!
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